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CEO of Mashahir Gasht travel agency
PhD student of Tourism

Rosa Matouri Pour


  • Was borne in 22 May 1981, shiraz-Iran
  • Opened Mashahir Gasht travel agency(Iran Inbound travel agency) in  Sep 2016.
  • PhD student of Tourism from 2021.


  • Sep 2021- accepted in the tourism doctorate exam and now, PhD student of tourism doctorate student at Science and Culture University-Tehran.
  • Aug 2019- Graduated in tourism management-planning in the master’s degree at Sheikh Bahai University.
  • Jan 2000- Graduated in the field of natural resources engineering – environment (BA-Bachelor’s degree) in Ahwaz university.

Language skills:

1/ English

Speaking: Medium, Reading: Medium, Writing: Medium.

Awards & Honors:

  • 27 Sep 2019- Received a certificate of appreciation from the General Director of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization(Isfahan Province) – as a top activist in the field of tourism.

Short Courses:

  • Flight attendant course(2008)
  • Flight ticketing courses (Domestic & International) (2009-2010)
  • Technical management of Tour course (2010)
  • Tour guide (Domestic & International tourist) course (2012)


  • Dec 2022- Dictionary and Abbreviations of Tourism and Health Tourism.
  • 2021-Principal of Health Tourism.

Rosa Matouri Pour

CEO of Mashahir Gasht travel agency
PhD student of Tourism

Hi, I’m Rosa Matouri, I was born in 22 May 1981 in Shiraz-Iran. My family originally are from south of Iran(Abadan), because of war between Iraq and Iran, as Abadan is boarder city, they moved to Shiraz and I was borne there, after 7-8 years my family and I moved to Bushehr, because war finished but Abadan was not enough good for living just after war, we lived in Bushehr for 4-5 years, then we moved to Abadan for some years and when I graduated from university(BA) we moved to Isfahan city. 

Isfahan was a platform for me to understand what I want to do and start! First I started my job according to my university field(Natural recourses and environment), in city hall of Isfahan. I examined it for more than 1 year and half, then I understood I don’t like it any more, after different fields I experienced, I entered to tourism field by passing flight attendant course and then I started to work in a travel agency and I understood it is more interesting job field that I experienced, so I started to pass different short courses for flight ticketing(International and domestic), train ticketing, Technical management of tour, … Last short course that I passed, was tour guide course. In 2016 I entered in university for studying in Tourism management-planning orientation in MA level, in same time I opened Mashahir Gasht travel agency. 

In 2021 I accepted in the entrance exam for PhD in tourism and now I am tourism PhD student.

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