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Takht-E-Foulad Cemetery

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Isfahan is one of the historic cities of Iran, which was the capital of many governments at different times, and therefore, its border and territory changed during different […]

Shah Abdol Azim Holy Shrine, Rey, Tehran, Iran

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also known as Shabdolazim, located in Rey, Iran, contains the tomb of ‘Abdul ‘Adhīm ibn ‘Abdillāh al-Hasanī. Shah Abdol Azim was a fifth generation descendant of Hasan ibn […]

Mountain tourism

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Mountain tourism is a type of tourism activity which takes place in a defined and limited geographical space such as hills or mountains with distinctive characteristics and attributes […]

Medical tourism

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Medical tourism is a type of tourism activity which involves the use of evidence-based medical healing resources and services (both invasive and non-invasive). This may include diagnosis, treatment, […]

Gastronomy tourism

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Gastronomy tourism: Gastronomy tourism is a type of tourism activity which is characterized by the visitor's experience linked with food and related products and activities while travelling. Along […]
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