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Islamic Art

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Islamic Art

Islamic art has a huge trove of deep spiritual meaning and wisdom, because this art is rooted in deep divine and spiritual thinking foundations. This art, sometimes by creating new forms and sometimes by utilizing images and art forms of past such as ancient Iran and pre-Islamic Iran and with giving new attitude and meaning to them, establishes a very rich culture in Islamic civilization.
Art is an important element of Islamic culture. The main features of Islamic art are:
1. Creating a sacred space with an emphasis on spirituality of place;
2. Displaying the intrinsic values of matter and giving perfection to it;
3. Strengthening the relationship between man and the supernatural;
4. Expressing spiritual qualities and their preference to beauty (showing originality and truth);
5. Epistemology and paying attention to meanings and interpretations of the basic concepts;
6. Reliance on wisdom;
7. Physical and intuitive expression of artist perception;
8. Allegory, symbolism and encoding (Naghizadeh, 69: 2005).
“Islamic art creates a vacuum and eliminates all depressions and lustful desires of the world and replace a system

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Si-o-Se Pol is the longest among Isfahan bridges and the largest construction on the water in Iran – its total length is 297 meters, width is 13,75 meters. In Farsi “si-o-se” means 33 – this is the number of arches composing the first level of the bridge. The second level has pedestrian path fenced with walls, protecting travelers from wind and falling into the water.

The bridge is built of yellow bricks and limestone, the typical materials for Safavid era structures. Niches formed by the arches are perfect for sitting and chatting while enjoying the view of the city. One of the arches hosted a tea house for a while, but later it was closed.

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