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questions about traveling to Iran, that a tourist might ask?

Iran travel agency: Mashahir Gasht travel agency

We know and its ok about normal questions from tourists who want to travel Iran, specially for tourists they want travel IRAN for first time, we answer all questions here:

  • What are the dress codes for men and women in Iran?
  • What are the requirements in Iran?
  • What are the legal requirements in Iran for foreign tourists and the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Iran?
  • What documents should we have during our trip to Iran?
  • What are obligation for cover body and clothes for International tourists (for men and women) in Iran?
  • What do Iranian wear in public places?
  • Is body covering (Hijab) different for men and women in Iran?
  • What is Iran dress code for women and men, from tourists who want to travel Iran, specially for tourists they want travel IRAN for first time?
  • Is Iran safe as a tourism destination? Am I safe in Iran?
  • What’s travel regulation after Covid19 for traveling to Iran?
  • Can we use Visa card or Master card in Iran or we should bring cash money?
  • Is it possible for tourists from UK, USA, CANADA travel Iran? what’s process?
  • What’s benefits of Iran travel insurance?
  •  What’s media says about Iran ??

How do women in Iran dress and what is the dress code for tourists?

Iran travel agency: Mashahir Gasht travel agency

According to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all women must cover their bodies.
The common cover of Iranian women is with a mantle(Mantu/Manteau) or Chador.

women Dress code:

The manteau is like a loose shirt, which generally covers up to the wrists and up to the knees, and it is mandatory for women to wear pants that cover the ankles. Also, women in Iran should cover their heads with scarves or shawls or veils.
A chador is a garment to cover the whole body, which is a full hijab and covers from head to toe.
You can see the photos of women with different coverings common in Iran.
According to the law and regulation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all tourists must observe the coverage mentioned above in public places and choose the type of coverage based on interest, as mentioned above.
In places such as a private house or in a private room in a hotel, there is no need for coverage and the requirements are required to be present in public places.

What laws are mandatory for tourists to follow in Iran?

Iran travel agency: Mashahir Gasht travel agency

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country based on the Republic and Islamic principles and laws.
Upon arrival in Iran and in public places in Iran, women should wear the usual hijab, with a head covering (scarf or shawl), a dress with body covering and a knee-length dress, and the dress should cover the hands up to the wrists. Women’s pants should cover women’s ankles. Two types of cover: Manto(Mantle, Mantue)+pants + shawl/scarf or chador hijab are also approved for entering Iran and attending public places. It is not forbidden to wear simple jeans that cover up to the ankles for women.
Upon arrival in Iran and in public places in Iran, men must wear a blouse or T-shirt and ankle-length pants. It is not forbidden to use simple jeans that cover the ankles for men and are not tight.
In some pilgrimage cities or shrines, shrines and religious ceremonies, long-sleeved blouses or T-shirts are more popular with men.

Buying and selling or serving any alcoholic beverages in Iran is prohibited in accordance with current Iranian law and Islamic law.
During the holy month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public places is prohibited due to the month of fasting and the common laws in Islamic countries and Iran. Use the restaurants in the city for tourists (who can not fast due to travel or are not required to fast during the holy month of Ramadan due to their non-Islamic religion, ….)
And according to the customs and societies in all countries, taking pictures of others without their permission is not allowed and it is also against the etiquette and custom of the Iranian society.

What is Dress Code in Iran? Are hijab laws strict in Iran?

Iran travel agency: Mashahir Gasht travel agency

The rules for hijab for men and women in Iran are to cover the head and body for women. Conventional clothing for men is a blouse or a long-sleeved T-shirt or suit, whether Iranian or foreign tourists.

It is not forbidden for both men and women to wear jeans that cover the legs up to the ankles.
By searching the internet, you can see videos and clips of Iranian people wearing public clothes in accordance with Islamic law.
Here is sample photo and an example of the cover of the Iranian people.
In places of pilgrimage (mosques and shrines) women should have a chador (which can be colored) to respect and observe Islamic customs / a black chador can also be used.
During the month of Muharram, women wear black Chador(as a sign of mourning in the month of Muharram) to enter mosques and places of pilgrimage.
And of course, women who choose the hijab in public places, the color of custom in society to attend public places is black, but in mosques you can wear colored chadors for pilgrimage (except for the days of Muharram and the days of martyrdom of the Imams and the Shiite calendar ).

What is Chador and where it is obligation to used for tourists?

Iran travel agency: Mashahir Gasht travel agency

This photo is an example of women wearing Chador in mosques and holy places or holy shrines(colorful Chador). Colored Chador are not forbidden for use, to enter mosques and are most of times lent to women, by women in charge next to the entrance door of the mosque to women enter the mosque. Of course, the tents are clean and suitable for use, and must be handed over to the person in charge when leaving the mosque or holy shrines.

Rules and regulations for travel to Iran after Covid 19

Certificate of at least two doses of vaccine, That shows 14 days passed from the second dose of vaccine or negative PCR test

Iran Travel Insurance-Can we have Travel insurance from Iranian company?

We strongly suggest to buy Travel Insurance that cover your duration of stay in Iran.(for accident, passport lose, Immediate treatment costs….), you can by travel insurance inside your country or ask us for IRan travel Insurance, we issue Iran travel Insurance -with Saman insurance Co. with coverage 5000 up 10000 Euro according to your request.

Is Iran safe country as a tourism destination?

The reality of Iran is contrary to what the media outside Iran is promoting. Iran is a modern, safe and clean country with an ancient culture that welcomes tourists.

Can I use Visa/Master Card in Iran? What is the currency of Iran?

Due to sanctions against Iran, it is not possible to use Visa and MasterCard. We suggest that you bring money in Euros or Dollars in cash with you, and in exchange offices in Iran, you can convert the desired amount into Rials / Tomans.

If you travel to Iran, you will record the most beautiful travel memories you have ever had.

We welcome the presence of tourists in Iran

Is Iran safe for travel? Is Iran a modern country?

Iran is a beautiful, modern and safe country.
Iran has beautiful modern buildings, beautiful bridges, national archeological sites and 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. More than 80% of Iranians are educated, and education up to master’s and doctoral degrees is of interest to most Iranians, and they continue their education up to this level, and studying at the bachelor’s level is the norm.
Although the media outside Iran are trying to make Iran look unsafe and we see it on various sites, we tell you: Iran is a safe country and if you travel to Iran, you will definitely have a unique travel experience. It will no longer be beautiful to travel to Iran, Iran is a beautiful, modern country with an ancient civilization that is a valuable destination for travel.
We suggest you: Travel to Iran with us and get the most beautiful travel experience.

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